What is the benefits of Viva Berry?

Viva Berry consists of superfood extracts such as Maqui berry, Acerola cherry and Sea buckthorn, which are rich in antioxidants (anthocyanin, polyphenol), omega 3, omega 6, omega 7 which are effective in anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, enhance immune system. As rich in vitamin C, it helps promote collagen synthesis. Combined with banana flower leaf and date plum juice, Viva Berry can help nourish blood circulation system promote strong bones and teeth, enhance mother’s milk.

Who should take Viva Berry?

Viva Berry is suitable for women aged over 25 who want to promote and maintain strong health condition and radiant skin, breastfeeding mothers who want to increase milk production and good quality mother’s milk. 

How much Viva Berry should be consumed?

Take 1 capsule daily along with regular meal. 

Can Viva Berry be consumed with prescribed medications?


Can Viva Berry be consumed with other brands of vitamins or supplements?


How many months do I need to take Viva Berry to witness results?

You can notice improved skin texture in the 1st month. When consumed consecutively for 3 months, it will yield a  noticeably results in stronger health and more radiant skin. 

How long can Viva Berry be consumed?

It can be consumed as desired without any side effects.